trashmanship is a research-based startup which aims to redefine the concept of trash and waste through design.

We offer beautiful products and unique services by re-valorizing high-quality materials that would otherwise be disposed.

trashmaship offers bespoke projects and services, including:

1 — CO2 neutral Interior architecture.

As a purpose-driven Interior Architect I am convinced that we must support new paradigms for the future of business. I believe it’s possible to reach an equilibrium in which profit and respect for our planet can coexist. That’s why I created a C02 neutral proposition in interior architecture and design.

My methodology revolves around prioritizing the utilization of second-hand objects and recycled materials. Guided by ethical considerations, my creative process is anchored in the pursuit of circularity and sustainability, fostering projects that leave a positive impact on society and a neutral impact for our planet.

2 — Consultancy, workshops and lectures on sustainability, circularity and regenerative design.

We offer bespoke talks, lectures, and workshops customized to brands and companies, focusing on sustainability, circularity, and regenerative design principles.

Utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach, each project is carefully crafted to address the specific needs of our clients. From awareness talks for your employees to engaging workshops for your clients, we offer tailored solutions that not only benefit your business but also contribute positively to our planet.

3 — High-quality designer furniture, ethically crafted with Swiss waste.

I create high-quality furniture and stylish home accessories from up-cycled materials, giving them a new life by crafting something beautiful and unique inspired by circular thinking.

Lately, I’ve been busy repurposing the temporary displays from Nespresso’s Swiss boutiques, transforming them into chic room dividers and wardrobes.

I can’t wait to see what treasures can be made with the materials of their upcoming campaigns!

trashmanship is a project created and self-founded by Nina F. D’Elia

About Nina F. D’Elia

Nina F. D’Elia is an Italo-Mexican interior architect, designer, and the founder of Trashmanship. With a background in innovation, design thinking, and business, Nina brings a unique perspective to her work, combining her creative expertise with a strategic understanding of market dynamics. Beginning her career in Monterrey, México, Nina established her own design practice focused on retail and hospitality, Simultaneously, she distinguished herself as a lecturer at CEDIM and LCI Monterrey, sharing her expertise and passion for design with students.

In 2019, she joined the MAIA program at HEAD – Genève, where her 2021 diploma project on upcycling waste quickly became the foundation of her new design methodology. Upon graduation, Nina continued her journey at PULSE Incubator HES in Geneva, establishing Trashmanship as a research-based practice that champions a circular approach to design by using Swiss waste as a primary source for furniture and spatial design Nina’s has garnered media attention, with features in publications like La Tribune de Genève and Bilanz Magazine, highlighting her efforts in sustainable and circular design. Internationally, Trashmanship has gained visibility through collaborations, including a partnership with Nespresso, showcasing her upcycled furniture.

Recent projects by Trashmanship demonstrate Nina’s commitment to creating meaningful experiences through design. From a historical museum for the Geneva Chamber of Commerce to a workshop on reuse for Galleries Lafayette, Nina’s work reflects her dedication to sustainability, creativity, and social impact.

ETHICAL DESIGN CRAFTED WITH SWISS WASTE. trashmanship, the sustainable art of living.

Get in touch!

I’m always open to new collaborations, projects, and stimulating discussions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have interesting waste that you would like to re-valorize, if you want to achieve a carbon neutral project or if you want to discover more about our workshops on material reuse!

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trashmanship is made possible through our clients and the invaluable support and collaboration of the following individuals, companies, and institutions.

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